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If you are sick and tired of always getting rejected and hearing girls say "I like you as a friend". Then this comprehensive seduction Ebook is for you! our seduction and dating Ebook Guide Will intrigue you and inspire you to reach your full potential with women and get them dripping wet!

Hot girls get moist by dominance and confidence, essentially bad boy traits! This is because girls want the most strongest partner and provider to source the strongest sperm, its basic biology. Nice guys are seen as weak and hence produce weak sperm. Nice guys get girlfriends, but they're never in the driving seat of the relationship, they get barked at like a dog and put up with more nonsense.

Nine times out of ten nice guy will take back a cheating lover repeatedly, put their girlfriend on a pedestal and cave into unreasonable demands, this weak and timid behaviour will turn women off! meanwhile she will be cheating with the local bad boy. Be the bad boy and get laid, our Ebook will tell you how!

Being a bad boy is just a small piece to the puzzle and its not enough to keep a long term girlfriend, fuck buddy or consistent one night stands. Confidence, looks, social status and wealth are also very important factors that attract hot ladies, know one factor is more important than the other, its possible to be successful with women with any combination of those factors, not all the factors are needed but ideally one should have a balance of each factor.

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✓ Find out why women always like jerks and why nice guys always finish last!

✓ Learn to BECOME CONFIDENT approaching women outside, at the club, at school, at work or anywhere!

✓ Discover how to use your word-play to TURN WOMEN ON

✓ Learn how to tell if a women is interested in you romantically

✓ Use my a cool technique to get ANY women's number and convert it into a date

✓ Learn the correct method to securing a date which is almost guaranteed to reduce flaking

✓ Learn the correct way to AVOID THE FRIEND ZONE and become a prospect that women want to date

✓ Identify whether you're in the friend zone and how to get out the friend zone and turn your prospect into a GF!

✓ Discover the benefits of using social media and dating sites to get a consistent stream of dates

✓ Use my strategy to identify whether your prospect is interested in a ONE NIGHT STAND!

✓ Understand WOMEN LOGIC and what they really mean when they say and do certain things

✓ Program your mindset to become confident around women which will enhance your overall success

✓ Find out how to manipulate a women's biological programming to reproduce to your own advantage

✓ Understand the correlation between financial wealth and attracting women and how the more money you make the hotter your girlfriend
✓ Understand the how to increase your social status to attract hotter women

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